Chinese Translator Jimmy Deng

My name is Jimmy Deng. I am a professional Chinese medical translator based in Auckland, New Zealand. I translate medical text, as well as general text. I also edit translations performed by other translators. My first language (native language or mother tongue) is Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Mandarin). I have resided in English speaking countries (New Zealand and Australia) for over 10 years.
My Qualifications:
  • Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies. The University of Auckland. New Zealand
  • Full member of NZSTI (New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters).  Chinese <> English
  • Accredited by NAATI (Australia National Authority for Translators & Interpreters).  Professional level (Chinese <> English)
  • Masters’ Degree in Medical Science, Hebei Medical University, China

My Experience:

I have 15 years experience in providing Chinese medical translation services. Below is a selected list of the translation projects I undertook:

  • Patient Information for NUVANCE Facial Rejuvenation (English > Chinese)
  • Hospital Medical Records (Chinese > English)
  • Pharmaceutical Patent Application (English > Chinese)
  • Instructions on how to use various types of sutures (English > Chinese)
  • List of medical and Pharmaceutical terms, conditions & questions (English > Chinese)
  • Manual for computerised axial tomography (CAT) (English > Chinese)
  • Publications of World Health Organization. (English > Chinese)
  • Various Test Reports on Health-related Products. (Chinese > English)
  • Loan Application Guidelines from World Bank, and many appendixes (Chinese > English)